Project Management Systems (PM)

for High Performance Building Systems

High Performance Building Systems require integrated project services. Services that make certain final systems performance is achieved to the full extent and degree as intended. Services that verify and validate both KPI’s and functional metrics. Complex, integrated building systems require PM services from the earliest stages. Critical systems performance is the key: full functionality at the lowest possible energy consumption. We provide integrated services for High Performance Building Systems by combining:
  • Development Planning
  • Design Review
  • Bid Review
  • Project Management
  • Construction Planning
  • Installation Superintendent
  • Commissioning
  • IST (Integrated Systems Testing)
  • M&V services
  • Training
  • O&M programs
This PM approach synthesizes implementation, verification, and acceptance. Integrated PM services make certain that complex MEP systems and advanced technology platforms reach the specific demands of high performance. This is our PM approach to high performance systems: Focused and Direct.  

Cosmos engineers perform technical oversight for university buildings


Cosmos engineers ensure that the owner intent is achieved

Cosmos engineers monitor construction progress